Our New CASS Software Solution For Process Mapping And Governance

We have some exciting news to share with you! We have recently partnered with the software firm, Axiom HQ, to automate our existing CASS RACI product and create industry standard content. This new development offers firms a comprehensive system solution for mapping processes and controls to the CASS rules.

The CASS rules are sourced directly from the FCA and as such remain up to date with any changes. The solution comes with a full library of Rosediem content which includes processes and risks to a best practice industry standard. The content ensures completeness against the CASS rules but also ensures that firms can tailor the system to local processes and controls under a defined framework. The framework designed by Rosediem also facilitates the effective management of roles and responsibility hierarchies which is essential for SMC&R as well as CASS. The tool can also be used to generate powerful MI using Axiom HQ’s capabilities and our framework. Please see the “CASS System Solution” page of our website for more details.